The Future Belongs to Digital Businesses

Awkword Studio is a software firm that enables organizations to accelerate innovation through the adoption of Enterprise DevOps and Cloud-Native computing

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Streamline and automate processes faster than ever

The Problem

Changing Times

The World Is Changing: Bold Bets Are Needed

Let's be blunt: technology kills more companies than it saves.
The life expectancy of Fortune 500 companies has shrunk by over 80% in the last fifty years. The world's most established companies are being disrupted faster than at any other time in history.

This has left organisations hollowed out and ill-equipped to compete in today's software driven economy.

In order to stay relevant and fight off unprecedented disruption, today's enterprise must urgently improve their capability, transform their culture, and modernize their tools, platforms and approaches.

Disrupt. Or Be Disrupted.

The Solution

We build intuitive cloud infrastructure that delivers tangible results

The world is digital, it’s time to free yourself from paper and understand how digital processes help create value over time. With a standard integrated approach you are constantly building knowledge and improving.

Our data driven platform approach will let you govern and control with a high degree of automation. Leverage a platform that learns and works for you.

Everyone knows that one size doesn’t fit all. Every organisation is different. Our platform is guaranteed to work for you because the only thing we take for granted is that change happens.

We believe : There's a Better Way of Delivering Software

Why Us


I am pleased with Awkword's technical ability to solve real world challenges. Their work on streamlining real-time data tasks to ensure customer satisfaction has taken us forward as a startup.

Jayant Chitale, CEO RealValueBikes